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Saw Cutting, Excavation and Disposal of old tired concrete.

The Right Company for Concrete

The Right Company for Concrete

In Construction there is no substitute for experience. Understanding how humidity, temperature and the sun can impact the consistency, dry times and cure times for concrete is just one simple example of how experience is the most important factor in choosing a concrete construction company. Dougherty Concrete construction has over 30 years experience in the concrete construction business.

We have been in the business long enough to learn what works best. Our strategy for laying wide expanses of concrete flooring, or evaluating the rise of a massive outdoor stairway is something that is simply second nature to us now. We have amassed all the right tools for the job and are prepared for every possible variable.

Our experience, equipment and professional reputation in the Portland community make us the leader for concrete construction in Portland OR. We are highly respected in the business community. We also have decades of residential jobs and hundreds of satisfied customers who recommend us highly in virtually every neighborhood in Portland.

Our professional reputation is no accident during those 30 years in business our policy was always based in keeping our word, even if it proved not to be profitable and insuring customer satisfaction even if it meant going that extra mile or putting in extra hours. We worked hard to make our client’s desires a concrete reality. We put in extra time and effort to make sure every job site stayed clean and left neat at the end of the workday.

Another aspect of experience is knowing what equipment and tools we need for each job and keeping that equipment is perfect running order at all times. Our equipment and tools are state of the art and exactly what we need to get the job done. Our excavation equipment is also an impressive collection. We are well prepared for virtually any residential or commercial concrete job.

Our experience guarantees that you get the best possible job and our portfolio of work in Portland should reassure you that we have successfully completed similar jobs hundreds of times. We have numerous references and an impeccable reputation for delivering what we promise plus!