Commercial Concrete Contractor

Commercial Concrete Contractor

Commercial Concrete Contractor | Dougherty Concrete Construction - Portland, OR

Commercial Concrete Contractor

As commercial concrete contractors we are responsible for foundations, bases and floors in large commercial machines. Our work in this area is vital to public safety. We take our responsibility to our clients and the general public very seriously. We are also often responsible for smaller jobs. Each commercial concrete contractor treats each job as a top priority and equal care.

Precision and Accuracy

Our commercial concrete work is based in our understanding, not only of concrete but also of the structures it must support, and the wiring and plumbing it must accommodate. We work well with other contractors to insure that our work facilitates theirs. We also calculate to insure that each and every detail of a base or floor is correctly proportioned to accommodate the structures it must support.


The bases of large commercial machines require very exacting engineering and execution. Our concrete work must support the entire machine so each calculation, each pouring and every form is painstakingly planned and carefully executed to perfection. We have a reputation in Portland for perfect bases every time.


We frequently pour large expanses of concrete flooring for commercial application. We are accustomed to the advanced calculation of depth and reinforcing materials needed for concrete floor applications. We also have all the right equipment to smooth and level large expanses of concrete floor.


Concrete walls are becoming very popular because of their strength and versatility. Insulated concrete walls are very popular. As leaders in Portland’s concrete construction industry we are staying abreast of the latest techniques for concrete wall construction.