Demolition | Dougherty Concrete Construction - Portland, OR

We are leaders in Portland’s concrete demolition business. We endeavor to leave all our jobsites perfectly clean and free of debris. We want these areas wiped clean so that other contractors and landscapers who come behind us can build or design anew. Our contentious care of the job site and careful clean-up of debris are just part of what make us the best concrete demolition companies in Portland OR.

Concrete Removal by Concrete Experts

Concrete is a very enduring substance. It tends to last forever unless it is deliberately demolished and removed. It takes a strong understanding of concrete as a building material to remove concrete, and no one knows how to take out concrete like a concrete construction contractor. While others might be able to power down a concrete wall with heavy equipment or attack it with jackhammers or even sledge hammers, Dougherty Concrete Construction can efficiently remove existing concrete walls, driveways and walkways much faster with the right strategy and the correct demolition equipment.

We can Get into Tight Corners and Alleys

We can get into tight spaces and efficiently remove concrete even from slender alleyways in close proximity to building structures. We have very versatile and efficient equipment that is perfect for tight spots and our knowledge of concrete gives us an advantage in knowing how each piece will break.

Through Clean-Up

Our clean up after the job is finished is scrupulous. We don’t leave fragments behind or expect our clients to deal with rubble once we are done. We clean up the area as if the concrete was never there, so that landscapers can get a fresh start.